It is our desire that you enjoy this page as we share with you some of the events that have happened to us.  These are placed here as thumbnails to load faster.  Click on the photo for a larger view.



Our first chicken stew at our new location in East Bend, NC




A time of fellowship as we have our first hot dog roast at the East Bend, NC location.




Our pastor at "work" in the community




Sweetheart Banquet, February 2011.  The men cooked the meal and served our "valentines" set out tables for our "special ladies".   Bill Payton Cooked cubed steak, twice-baked potatoes and cake.  We had salad, other desserts, coffee, soft drinks and a special punch.  It was a very enjoyable evening.




Christmas Dinner December 2010, another special time of fellowship for our church family.  The food was great...we even had a deer ham...not to mention plenty of desserts. 




It is our hearts desire that as you view these pictures of some of our activities, you will be inclines to want to be part of the work going on here.  It is the Lord's work and we are just happy to be part of what He is doing here, in our hearts and in the community as we are put into positions to minister to others along the journey.

Do you have a church family or home?  If the answer is yes, we encourage you to be faithful and labor for your Lord, as the time of our "home-going" is getting near.

If you do not have a regular church home or family...may we invite you to come and visit with us?   We believe you will like it here!!


Say, about you?  Would you consider coming and adding the talents the Lord has given you to those He has given us and help us to introduce our friend, the Lord Jesus to those who do not yet know Him?  We would love to have you.  We will look for you this coming Sunday...